how to become seller on flipkart

How to become seller on Flipkart | Guide to grow business with Flipkart

A guide How to become seller on flipkart 

Let us start how to become seller on flipkart, we will have a detailed look on documents, process required and fee charges to get onboard. Most of us know Flipkart as an online shopping website that offers all the products we desire for.But how many of us know that it is more than that. Flipkart is a business proposition beyond comparison. Let us have a detailed look on how to become a seller on Flipkart. We are sure the below information will act as a guide to grow your business with Flipkart.



Anyone who wants to become a seller on Flipkart need to meet some basic documentation requirements insisted by Flipkart. Documentation adherence is one of the basic eligibility criteria to sell your products on Flipkart. The following are the documents needs to produce to Flipkart to become its seller.

  • PAN Card
  • VAT Number
  • TIN Number
  • Bank Account number
  • Documents for Identification proof
  • Documents for Address Proof
  • Cancelled Cheque leaf (belonging to the bank account number provided)

Process of registration to become an approved seller on Flipkart

While adherence to documentation requirements is the first step how to become seller on Flipkart, the next step is to initiate the Registration Process.

  • Fill in the online Seller Registration Form available in the Flipkart online sales site
  • Provide all details asked for in the form with genuine details. Some information that asked in the form are
    • Name of the Seller
    • Registered Mobile Number
    • Mail ID to be contacted
    • Approximate Revenue per annum
    • Retail outlets currently handled
    • Nature of the current business
    • Specific categories of product to be sold through Flipkart

Approximate approval time

  • Once documentation requirements are satisfied and the seller Registration Form is submitted, a minimum of 5 days is required for Flipkart to process your details.
  • If you satisfy all the requirements of Flipkart you will be intimated about the approval within 5 days so you can sell your products online in Flipkart India

Cost of operations with Flipkart

Flipkart charges its approved sellers on certain aspects. While listing services are offered free of cost. Let us have a look at the charged and free of cost services.

  • Flipkart does not charge its sellers for listing their products on the site
  • 5/- is the fix closing cost for all items value is above Rs. 250/-
  • 10/- is the fix closing cost for all items value is above Rs. 500/-
  • 0/- is the fix closing cost for all items value is less than Rs. 250/-
  • Selling commission paid by the customer for every item it sells
  • Shipping charges based on weight and location
  • Applicable Service Tax

Flipkart marketplace takes care of product pick up from the sellers who need to keep them packed. Sellers get remittance by between 7 to 15 days through Bank Transfer.

Hope this article helped you to cover all aspect of how to become seller on Flipkart.

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