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How to sell on Amazon India – A guide to start business on Amazon India

How to Start business on Amazon India

Amazon is one of the best online selling platforms in the world that sell high quality products online. Started in India in early 2013, this internet retailer sells millions of products across all locations in the world. Amazon had helps many businessmen around the world to sell their products through its online portal. Amazon predominantly focuses to enable Indian sellers to sell on Amazon India. Let’s have a look at the process which to sell your products and start business on Amazon India. 

Basic steps before registering to start business on Amazon India:

  • Ensure you have a registered office address when you start the business with Amazon. This is important since the address of the Company will be asked for during the registration process to sell products online in Amazon.
  • Before going in for the registration process to sell online, ensure a Private Limited or a Limited Liability Partnership Company is opened.
  • This is because such companies offer limited liability protection to businessmen legally. This is an important aspect since online selling may create many types of litigations which are very common to the model.

Becoming a seller in Amazon online – Registration Process

  • Fill your Company name and provide all your personal contact details during the process of registration.
  • Required registered business office address and government tax documents during the registration process
  • Valid Mobile number and email id to be a seller in Amazon India Services
  • Provide all your bank details
  1. Name of the account holder
  2. IFSC Code of the Bank you are registering
  3. Bank Account number
  4. Type of the Bank account
  • After providing all the above information, you have to go through the Amazon Partner Quiz. Answering all questions in this quiz is mandatory

Process to follow after Registration

  • Create an Amazon Seller Account through the Amazon India Seller Sign up page. To start transactions as seller in Amazon opt for ‘Sell as an individual’ which will save you of the monthly fee that needs to be paid if other options are chosen
  • Adding an FBA to your account will be the next step in the process. FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. FBA will enable you to send your products to Amazon Distribution centre from which the Amazon store will sell the products to its customers.
  • The other advantage of adding FBA is to enable the Amazon Customer Service Department handle exchange and refund related issues that arise after sales
  • Pack your goods in separate boxes rounding up the valuable ones. This is to set up and manage the location in which your goods will reside in Amazon store
  • Add listings of all your products you intend to sell by signing in at Amazon Seller Central providing easily identifiable codes to all items
  • Final step printing of shipping labels and packing slips. Stick the same on package and ship the package to Amazon.

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